Im Your Biggest Fan I’ll Follow You Until You Love Me. Pepper, Pepper-oni.

Written by Esquire
February 21, 2010

Im not sure if its a lack of the Italian community or what, but Vancouver is certainly a tough city to get really good pizza in. Of course there are a few good spots, but good god it's scarce. One of my favorites is Nat's Pizzeria. Nat's delivers in quality, and, well I guess they actually deliver. It's pretty much the only place I order from while in the downtown area. The pizza is great, and its very reasonably priced.  There is one location in Kits, and one on Denman St. The only bummer dude is they close at 10pm. This of course makes things extremely difficult for my late night snacking habits.  That's my cross to bare.

Note: This song is catchy as balls. I quite like this Lady GaGa character.  However, I can never quite tell if she is remotely attractive in any way, shape, or form.  This of course makes her extremely attractive.

Nat's New York Pizzeria. Vancouver. [audio:Paparazzi.mp3]

Wasted Away Again In Margherita (Pizza) Ville.

Written by Esquire
February 14, 2010

Ordering the Margherita is truly the best way to measure the quality of an establishment's pizza pie. I must say Terroni's has perfected this art. They have one of the finest pies you will find in Toronto. I could eat there every day. The sauce is outstanding, and the dough is perfect. There is much hype surrounding this spot. In this case,  believe.

Terroni's is known for their stern protocol. My friend always insists on toying with the servers and asks to substitute toppings, and to have the pizza served cut. This always makes them extremely angry. They will go into this spiel about how the owner does not allow substitutions, and his signature is to serve pizza uncut. I suppose that's how they do it in the old country. They are totally Pizza Nazis, It's amazing. This certainly adds to the ambience of Terroni.

Note: If you really want to mess with them, ask for parmesan cheese for your pizza. That request may actually get you kicked out. Some people claim that there's a women to blame. But I know. Its my own dam fault.

Terroni. Toronto. [audio:Margaritaville.mp3]

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Actual Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not The Musical Ensemble

Written by Esquire
June 2, 2009

An associate of mine (he does gardening and other sorts) recently decided to grow hot peppers. Lets call him Senior for now. Senior lived beside a Portuguese man for years. After watching his neighbor struggle in the garden with a poor crop, Senior decided to give it a shot. As apprentice's often do, the time had come where he surpassed his master. From a small planter on a roof top balcony in downtown Toronto, Senior was able to produce over 400 peppers his first time around, earning him the name Greene-thumba (an ancient Swahili word meaning "to flourish").  In the crop were Jalapeno, Serrano, and Cayenne peppers. Following strict instruction from Senior's Italian grandmother, we picked them, cut them up, and bottled these bitches in only the finest of olive oil (available exclusively at the local Dominion). I cannot reveal the precise method of preparation as it comes direct from the old country, and I was blindfolded during steps 4 and 5.  Regardless, these beauties are a must on pizza, pasta, anything and everything. It you have the space to grow anything, I advise you give it a try. Sunlight is the key. Senior Greene-thumba, you make good peppers.

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