Of Montreal. Smoked Meat

Written by Esquire
June 1, 2009


Montreal, the city of love. So many things to eat, so little time. Montreal specializes in many things, but for now I shall focus on the delicatessen. Montreal has the best in the nation, including non other then Swartz's Deli. Its so famous, its actually infamous. Check it out if you ever make it EST. It's not terribly far from Montreal's most noted landmark,  Club Super Sex. Due to the success of Swartz's, their exported cured products can even be found in B.C, a land where it's frowned upon to eat meat. If you order the sandwich, it comes with several pounds of Montreal smoked meat, and only two slices of bread. Instead order the platter, make many a sandwich, and enjoy the feast with a friend and/or frenchmen of your choosing. Boy those Hebrew's sure know how to cure their meats. I considered converting once.

Swartz's Deli. Montreal.

[audio:Of Montreal.mp3]


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