If you like Pizza Lombardi’s. And Getting Caught In The Rain.

Written by Esquire
June 15, 2009

I was in NY city a while back. First timer. That place is nothing like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles portrayed it to be. I was expecting some seedy areas, garbage in alleyways, dudes in leather jackets hanging on stoops etc. Apparently it has not been that way for several years now. Rudy Juliani is said to have done a real bang up job cleaning up the city. I can concur, that place is like a movie set, and the people are lovely. During happy hour (all day, every day, 11 to 8pm) we would stumble upon a pizzeria or two while being day drunk.

Lombardi's claims to be America's First Pizzeria,  as stated on their plaque. (Plaque? spelt same as the teeth kind?) They still use the original oven from 1905. You can hardly tell, looks brand new (see photo). The pizza's were nice. Not off the charts amazing, but very good. Although, there were others on this tour that impressed us more. Either way it was great to visit where it all began. If you are religious and actually believe in this Jesus character, then It was the equivalent of you going to see a Manger in Bethlehem.

Lombardi's. NewYork, NY.

[audio:pina coladas.mp3]


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