Come Here Rude Boy Boy, Is You Big Enough. Bacon Bacon. Baby Baby. Bacon Bacon. Love Me Love Me.

Written by Esquire
May 25, 2010

I have had some flavor explosions in my day, but these Tiny Bacon Wrapped Filets are out of control. Although they is never big enough, these little units are truly one of the finer things in life. Bacon, mayo, steak. Glorious.

Note: Most items on a tapas menu  usually come drizzled in  mayo theses days. This  of course is tremendous for thy lips, but a tragedy for thy neck, heart and hips.

21 Steps. Whistler, BC. [audio:Rude Boy.mp3]

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I Really Miss Fat Tony’s, Even Though You Gone Away.

Written by Esquire
March 8, 2010

Late night Whistler. Fat Tony's is located right in the village square. I have only ever been here in the wee hours of the morning, but what a slice. From what I remember each piece weighs a pound. I also vaguely recollect there being a nice sesame crust.  My associates are obsessed with one of the slices they serve: The White One. It comes covered in some sort of white ranch type of product. Ranch on pizza....what will these youth think of next?  I often stay in the hotel directly above Fat Tony. If your room is in the west wing of the Adara Hotel you can actually smell the pizza cooking all night. Thank god I don't midnight toke. For If I did I could never escape the late night desires.  They are open until 3am. It usually gets post bar dirty, but the good kind of dirty. Kind of like most of the servers at Earls Whistler. Women of Staff housing-The bad kind of dirty.

Note: This is a sad tune from the hood. What ever became of this Master P anyway? From what I remember he even made it into the NBA at one point. Thats pretty dirty too.

Fat Tony's Pizza. Whistler, BC. [audio:I Miss My Homies.mp3]

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Written by Esquire
July 5, 2009


If you ever make it to Whistler, BC., then god have mercy on your soul. They say It's the best of times...... it was the worst of times. Here is a list of the top items you are likely to try while carrying on up there.

  1. A Zog's Dog. Hot dogs, yes, however they also serve late night poutine.
  2. An Australian. Usually sighted at Mo Jo's and/or the Staff housing district.
  3. The Scabie Mite. Also native to Staff Housing, but as of late have been spotted beyond it's boarders.
  4. Viewing a film at Whistler Balls Theatre.
  5. Ahi Poke. A fine bowl of Tuna.

The Ahi Poke, a famous dish that helped put Sushi Village on the map. It certainly is delightful. The marinade is one of those secret concoctions that only the head chef's know how to prepare.  The first time I ate raw tuna, it was this very dish. It has since sent me on a quest for only the finest cuts of fish that don't taste fishy.  It truly is the chicken of the sea. Sushi Village has a bunch of other innovative rolls and dishes that I will get to, but this one is a mandatory order.

Note: Regrettably, Whistler "balls" Theater is no more. Apparently it's been turned into a community center. It once smelt precisely of stale balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Sushi Village. Whistler, BC.

[audio:Poker Face.mp3]

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