We Like To Party. We Like Chicken Karaage.

Written by Esquire
November 2, 2011

Sometimes I get so hung over it's not even fair. Often soup is my only form of nourishment during these dark times. The other day I tried a Ramen bowl at Ramen Jinya, but I couldn't even stomach that. As I sat in front of the steaming noodles, I noticed the side menu: Chicken Karaage for $3.75. $3.75? You won't? I had to. It's safe to say I am a real sucker for fried chicken. In all honesty I would eat it a lot more if it wasn't so frowned upon. KFC has really given my beloved a bad rep. But there is one race who seems to have no issues with fried chicken, my good friends the Japanese. I adore the Japanese. They don't judge, they simply enjoy. In this case fried foods. The Karaage at Jinya is excellent. It's doused in a delicious garlic dressing. Next time I may not even order the ramen, and just stick with a couple side orders of the Karaage. Can you order two sides without ordering a main dish I wonder?

Note: When I hear this song it reminds me there was in fact a time in my life when I would never get sick from the drink. How I long for those days to return. Come back my sweet Venga Bus. Come back. Ramen Jinya. Vancouver, BC. [mp3j track="We Like To Party.mp3"]  

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And If You Want Beef, Then Bring The Ruckus. Gyudonya Ain’t Nothin Ta Fuck With.

Written by Esquire
April 26, 2010

Tiger style. Gyudonya is a little spot that recently opened up on Robson St. The savings alone will have me coming back for more. It's refreshing to find places that are well under 10$ for a whole meal of food. Their bowls range from 5-7$ max. The Short Rib Bowl that I took down certainly brought the ruckus. Bring the motha fuckin ruckus. This place is packed with people everytime I have rolled by, so that must account for something. Much like the Wu, they're on the swarm.

Gyudonya . Vancouver, BC. [audio:Wu Tang Clan.mp3]

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In My Mind Im Going To Izakaya. Can’t You See The Sunshine. Can’t You Just Taste The Rice Wine.

Written by Esquire
April 20, 2010

I drop into extremely over priced, sub par food all the time, but recently it went to far. I paid 17$ for a salad. WTF? Where do these "social lounges" get off charging such prices? Mediocracy has infected Yaletown's restuarants for far too long. But alas, there is hope for Yaletown yet. Hapa Izakaya has recently opened one of their beloved establishments on Hamilton St. Finally, a place where they won't bend you over and do as they will.

Hapa's Chicken salad above is a very reasonable $8.95.  With every crispy bite, you can actually hear yourself getting financially physically thinner. Like most items on the menu, the salad is an ideal dish to be shared. This form of eating initially throws most white people off, as they are not used to sharing food. Fear not, there are so many amazing dishes you will want to try everything. Sharing is of course a multicultural trait, and one not commonly found in Caucasian eating habits. Perhaps this is why places like Earls and Milestones flourish? It's strange because Jesus allegedly shared all the time, and he was white, wasn't he? Yeah right. He probably sounded just like the soft spoken James Taylor too. Either way, Hapa rules. Go there. Don't forget to order the sake. Although once you drop into the rice wine, you are likely to forget everything anyway.

Note: If your one who prefers their own dish,  don't feel singled out. Pioneers never shared their meals either. At least not with the Indians.

Hapa Izakaya. Yaletown, Vancouver. [audio:Carolina In My Mind.mp3]

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Sky Rockets In Flight. Karaage Delight.

Written by Esquire
January 7, 2010

Deep fried products and babes.....  two of my only many weaknesses in life. Guu's chicken Karaage is among the finest in its field. It even comes with that aioli that everyone seems to like so much these days. Question: Is tatar sauce considered an aioli? And who made up this fancy word for flavored mayonnaise? Whoever it was, well played.  Now mayo is perceived as a premium product. Very clever marketeer-ing. Aioli - the "SB" of mayonnaise.

Obviously eating at KFC is extremely frowned upon (unless you are at the movie theater grabbing Taco Bell, and a box of popcorn chicken mysteriously finds its way into your order). To save yourself the embarrassment of a KFC sighting, be sure to hit up Guu for their Karaage.   I should mention they are not limited to fried chicken. Every dish they have is  excellent. Its not Popeyes, or anything like that.

Guu -Original. Vancouver. [audio:Afternoon Delight.mp3]

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Domo Arigato, Tuna Bintoro.

Written by Esquire
December 9, 2009

This place makes me feel like Ralph Macchio, specifically when he filmed Part 2 of the Karate kid. Much like the small village of Okinawa, at Hapa there is a plethora of beautiful asian women walking around, always carrying things. I often long to be like Daniel San. Perhaps one day I too will find love in the tiny village. The Bintoro tuna, the Ishi- Yaki rice bowl, and a Japanese Pizza are featured in this episode. Stay tuned, as there is no shortage of fine dishes at this wonderful establishment.

Note: Regrettably, they actually made a part 3 of the Karate Kid Saga. Never ever watch that film.

Hapa Izakaya. Vancouver.


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T.I – The (Gyoza) King.

Written by Esquire
December 1, 2009


Unlike most places that claim to be the best, Gyoza King actually lives up to it's name. Truly they are The King of Gyoza. Burger King... regrettably not on the list. Although at $ 1.29, The Whopper Jr,  wonderful late night savings.

At the King there are various hand made Gyoza's to choose from: Pork and Chives, Chicken, shrimp or veggie. A dash of Togarashi seasoning (although unnecessary) is a lovely addition to these little guys. Gyoza King also have a bunch of other dishes equally as good, non of which I shall mention today. For we cannot take the moment away from the Gyoza......

Gyoza King. Vancouver.

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