I Wanna Make Love Right Na Na Naan. (Bread)

Written by Esquire
February 9, 2010

They call this place Local 510. They specializes in comfort foods. Most order the delicious Chicken pot pie. I thought I had turned my back on comfort when I ordered the very ethnic butter chicken dish. Then it occurred to me - my dad is a brown man. Surely in his homeland Butter chicken is the Indian equivalent to chicken pot pie. Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn! Well done Local 510. You got me. You got me good.

They serve some legit butter chicken at 510. The basmati rice was nicely cooked, and the na na na naan was decent. It reminded me of eating at my aunt's house. She is also brown. She cooks like you wouldn't believe and plays the sitar like it's nobodies business. Ok, the sitar part is not true, but you can imagine if it were.

Local 510. Calgary, AB. [audio:Na Na Na.mp3]

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