Hey. Ho. Whineos. Hey. Ho. Whineos.

Written by Esquire
April 11, 2010

Whineos, where the wine flows like...wine.  A great crew of peeps run this joint. Whether it be a birthday night, a date night, or a banished from El Furniture Warehouse night, Whineos caters to any affair.

Whineo's tapas menu is actually somewhat responsible for how Appies All The Time came to be. The constant snacking on small plates rather then eating a whole meal of food has proven to be very desirable, especially with wine and spirits. The Blue Plate Special as seen above is a drunken delight. These open face sliders are an innovative take on the classic mini burger. You won't use two types of aioli on the slider? That's right.  Two aioli, one cup.  If you go on Tuesday this very plate is only 4$. Although, use caution. Tuesday is also some sort of College night, filled with youths who spill draft all over my back. This sort activity will cause you to feel old, specifically 30ish. You may think to yourself : Dam son,  its only Tuesday. If I leave right now I can still catch the weigh-ins on BLC.

Note: Although a wine bar, Whineos mixes a Vodka Soda like no other. Also of note:  Sliders are the new black.

Whineos. Vancouver, BC. [audio:Blitzkrieg Bop.mp3]

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Let Your Backbone Sliders.

Written by Esquire
February 2, 2010

Denver, the sunshine state. Gorgeous. They call this place the Mile High City because it is high as shit. Its absolutely nowhere near sea level.  Due to this fact, I have found a chink in the armor of a very prestigious club. If you are in Denver, and you consummate, technically you are officially in The Mile High Club. As usual, neither myself or any of my associates took advantage of this discovery, but you could imagine if we did.

One thing we did take advantage of was some of the greasiest foods around. And the savings... Example: This 6 pack of Sliders $4.95. You won't. Each slider even had a different type of cheese on it. Now I understand why there were so many health-unconscious peeps in this town. At first I thought it was Biggest Loser contestant try outs or something. The lack of oxygen in the air combined with all American foods at great prices is a recipe for things to go pear shaped. America, don't you go changing.

Note: Check out this actual Mile High Club website. It looks like its been made on a Commodore 64 or something. Amazing.

Tom's Diner. Denver, CO. [audio:Let Your Backbone Slide.mp3]

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