My President Is Black. My Strombos Blue. And I’ll Be God Dam If My Rims Aint Too.

Written by Esquire
February 4, 2010

Its amazing what you can find in the Denver Airport at 5am. Although they specialize exclusively in Pizza, that didn't stop Villa from opening for breakfast. They threw the old "bait and switch" on us. "I go high, you go low". "The Kansas City Shuffle" as it were .... only in Denver. Those clever sons of bitches made stromboli's, but subbed the pizza ingredients with breakfast ingredients. This particular strombo had bacon and eggs in it, rather then the pepperoni and cheese we have all grown accustom to. Well played Villa. Well played indeed. I admire there style. With innovative moves like that, surely Villa is here to stay. Very reminiscent of our friend La Cucaracha, who your likely to find in Villa's Pantry.

Villa's Pizza. Denver, CO. [audio: My President.mp3]

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Let Your Backbone Sliders.

Written by Esquire
February 2, 2010

Denver, the sunshine state. Gorgeous. They call this place the Mile High City because it is high as shit. Its absolutely nowhere near sea level.  Due to this fact, I have found a chink in the armor of a very prestigious club. If you are in Denver, and you consummate, technically you are officially in The Mile High Club. As usual, neither myself or any of my associates took advantage of this discovery, but you could imagine if we did.

One thing we did take advantage of was some of the greasiest foods around. And the savings... Example: This 6 pack of Sliders $4.95. You won't. Each slider even had a different type of cheese on it. Now I understand why there were so many health-unconscious peeps in this town. At first I thought it was Biggest Loser contestant try outs or something. The lack of oxygen in the air combined with all American foods at great prices is a recipe for things to go pear shaped. America, don't you go changing.

Note: Check out this actual Mile High Club website. It looks like its been made on a Commodore 64 or something. Amazing.

Tom's Diner. Denver, CO. [audio:Let Your Backbone Slide.mp3]

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