Island Lake To Host. Island Lake To Host. They’ll Know How. Yeah They’ll Know How.

Written by Esquire
April 13, 2011

We recently went on a cat boarding trip to Island Lake Lodge.  The boarding was exceptional, but enough about that. What's most important was the amazing food we had. I am told we ate Duck, Salmon, Beef, and Pork. I couldn't tell the difference. It all tasted like glorious butter to me.  This was by far the best dinning I have encountered whilst on a trip. And the wine... It flowed like the Mississippi river. From this point on two things are clear. 1- I no longer ride chair lifts, only cats. 2- I no longer eat peasant food from crowded ski chalet cafeterias.

Note: I also learned it is entirely possible to gain weight while snowboarding. I'm just thrilled about that. Island Lake Lodge. Fernie, BC. ♬ Island on the coast. [audio:Island on the coast.mp3]

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