Gimme Shelter.

Written by Esquire
July 17, 2009


As soon as I saw this style of Yam fry I felt this place had to be related to the Cactus Club in some way. I'm not sure if this is true but the yam would say otherwise. I know my yams. Either way, Shelter in Tofino, BC. makes an awesome Halibut Burger to go with these crispy yam fries. The older I get the more I am beginning to really like the fish.  I suppose it's hard not to like anything that has been battered and deep fried. What a wonderful treatment.

Shelter. Tofino, BC.

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There Was Something In The Air That Night, The Stars Where Bright at Nando’s.

Written by Esquire
July 15, 2009


This is one of the better lunches to have on the way to Kitts Beach. Nandos has delicious hot sauces to accompany their Portuguese chicken. It rules. Order the wrap, its dynamite. Im pretty sure there are locations all over Canada. Hit them up. I adore the Portugueseys, and their delicious Peri peri Sauce.

Nandos. Vancouver. [audio:Fernando.mp3]

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Written by Esquire
July 5, 2009


If you ever make it to Whistler, BC., then god have mercy on your soul. They say It's the best of times...... it was the worst of times. Here is a list of the top items you are likely to try while carrying on up there.

  1. A Zog's Dog. Hot dogs, yes, however they also serve late night poutine.
  2. An Australian. Usually sighted at Mo Jo's and/or the Staff housing district.
  3. The Scabie Mite. Also native to Staff Housing, but as of late have been spotted beyond it's boarders.
  4. Viewing a film at Whistler Balls Theatre.
  5. Ahi Poke. A fine bowl of Tuna.

The Ahi Poke, a famous dish that helped put Sushi Village on the map. It certainly is delightful. The marinade is one of those secret concoctions that only the head chef's know how to prepare.  The first time I ate raw tuna, it was this very dish. It has since sent me on a quest for only the finest cuts of fish that don't taste fishy.  It truly is the chicken of the sea. Sushi Village has a bunch of other innovative rolls and dishes that I will get to, but this one is a mandatory order.

Note: Regrettably, Whistler "balls" Theater is no more. Apparently it's been turned into a community center. It once smelt precisely of stale balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Sushi Village. Whistler, BC.

[audio:Poker Face.mp3]

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