The Keg. See Ya Tonight.

Written by Esquire
November 26, 2009

The new roof top patio for drinks in Yaletown is pretty nice. If you must dine, the prime rib is tasty, and only runs $19.99.  I have ordered all the other cuts of steaks in the past but I can't help but to go back to prime. Something else to check out, a nice little snack option: The Prime Rib sliders. They are on the lounge menu, and come in at only $8.95.  The price of a Keg Ceasar. Hit up some of that sour dough bread as well and thats all you will need. Eat for under $10. Who would of thought? Not me dog.

The Keg. Yaletown, Vancouver.

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Honjin, Back Again. Check Baby Check Baby Let’s Begin.

Written by Esquire
November 23, 2009

Beef Sashimi. The best in the business can be found here at Honjin Sushi. How is it the best you may ask? Simply because they slice the beef so fine, similar to the width of rolling papers. Also of note is the delicious garlic and ponzu sauce that accompanies the dish. Most beef sashimi/tataki is often cut thick, producing what resembles beef flavored Hubba Bubba. Not here mates. Some would go so far to say Honjin's version is "the desert of meats" .

Honjin Sushi. Vancouver.

[audio:Whoop There It Is.mp3]

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Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay Ay. El Asador. Ay Mi Morena, De Mi Corazon

Written by Esquire
November 15, 2009


The crispy rolled tocos at  Tacos El Asador on Bloor are almost as hot as these three (both temperature and spice).  Actually every taco they make is awesome. I cannot guarantee there will be babes of this caliber present, but I would still suggest you go for the food alone. The crispy rolled tacos are all time. I ate 5 once. That was not the best idea.

Tacos El Asador. Toronto, ON. [audio:Desperado Theme.mp3]

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California (Sandwiches). Here we come.

Written by Esquire
November 6, 2009

One of the best Italian sandwich spots in Toronto is California Sandwiches. They now have multiple locations, but the original is in an actual house, in the middle of a subdivision near College St. I think my friend's grandma used to next door in the 60's. The Queensway location has one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen working the cash. Each sandwich can easily feed two. I still always eat the whole thing myself.

California Sandwiches. Toronto. [audio:California.mp3]

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