I Could Really Use Some Fish Right Now, Fish Right Now, Fish Right Now.

Written by Esquire
June 30, 2010

If you like donuts then you are going to love these Halibut Bites at the Brazen Head. They were as soft as marshmallows. We had quite the evening at the Brazeen Heed. In fact, if I had not stumbled upon this image on my phone, I would have never been able to recall exactly what took place over the weekend.

Read fast, it will sound more exciting: Play in amateur baseball game. Run out of beer in 2nd inning. Reload beer by 4th inning. Win game. Celebrate at Brazen Head. Order food and spirits. Wonder if Krispy Kreme themselves are responsible for creating the wonderful Fish Bites? Pay outlandish bill. Order more drinks. Pay second outlandish bill. Fall off bike. Fall asleep on couch. Wake up. Sun Tan. Fall asleep in the sun. Dream about Fish Bites. Attend Much Music Awards After Party. Hit Bottle service. Fall on a Raptor. Leave party by force. Fall asleep on couch. Get on an airplane. Find image of Fish  Bites on phone. Feel both physically and emotionally empty inside. Cry. Repeat cycle. Wow. I love Toronto.

Note: Fell on a Raptor? You may be thinking: Does he mean fell off a rafter? No, I mean fell on an actual  7ft Toronto Raptor. A player. Fuck.

Brazen Head. Toronto. Airplanes. [audio:Airplanes.mp3]

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Island Foods. In The Sun.

Written by Esquire
June 10, 2010

Island Foods is one of my favorite roti spots in Toronto. For those of you who live under a rock, the roti is pretty much the burrito of the Caribbean. Roti 's are filled with various curries and other spicy Island delights. It often takes years of training your belly to handle these interesting spices and flavors.

Due to the fact that it's been hot as balls in Toronto lately, it's often difficult to take down a whole roti in one sitting. After all, they are huge bitches. Your going to need to drink something. Thank god for Grace Ginger beer.

Note: Although not technically a sweet, I recommend grabbing a few  Jamaican patties for desert. Sweet ups.

Island Foods. Toronto. [audio:Got Money in The Sun.mp3]

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Happiness, Is A Warm Bun.

Written by Esquire
June 7, 2010

School is a nice little lunch spot in Liberty Village, Toronto. Their menu is very clever. It's printed on loose leaf paper, similar to the sheets used in actual school. Very clever indeed. I dropped into the SBC Burger with yam fries. Although the bun was a little large for the patty, it was nicely toasted and brushed with some of that spicy aioli.  It's hard to find an item without that condiment these days. Word in the yard is they have a decent weekend brunch as well.

After your meal head across the street to Brazen Head for ye old after school special. The Guinness & Strongbow combo is a wonderful way to achieve mid day drunk status. Day drinking is of course very reminiscent of being in high school, although I think the mixture was Growers & OE back then.

Note: In theory, or hypothetically speaking as they say -  If I were to have had a child when I was in the 11th grade day drunk = poor decisions it's conceivable that little barrel of joy would be in high school today. Wow, I'm old as balls.  Wait, did I add that up right? I was never very good at math. If this is even remotely possible then fuck my actual life. Thank god intercourse was non existent in those days.

School. Liberty Village, Toronto. [audio:Happiness is a warm gun.mp3]

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