Where Are All The Girls? We Should Go To Earl’s.

Written by Esquire
January 13, 2011

Pizza at Earls? You wouldn't. But alas, yes I would. I normally head here for over priced salads, drinks, and hopefully a double take from at least one of their pretty servers. Pizza is the last thing I thought I would find myself ordering. Everyone knows you go to Earl's strictly for girls. However, when you sleep all day, then head late to a dinner party at 11 instead of 7:30, the flat-bread is a quick pre-drinking snack that hits the spot. Flat-bread?  I mean sure, it's flat, and a bread, but I refuse to use this term. I call it by name. It's a pie for god sakes. But then again I also order a Medium from Starbucks out of spite, just to irritate the Barista,  so what do I know.

Note: Much like this song, I too have no preference for my Earl's girls pies. I like them Thin crust. I like them thick crust. I like them carrying a little bit of weight crust.

Earls. British Columbia.

♬ Girls. [audio:I Get All The Girls.mp3]

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Die Sushi Monster Die.

Written by Esquire
January 4, 2011

A Spam Roll? I thought I was in Hawaii or something, because that is the only other place I have seen this mystery meat on any menu. When it was explained to me that Spam is a canned hot dog of sorts, I figured I had to check it out. No soy sauce needed here friends, this roll was salty as, yet very interesting non the less. It is a small spot, and they desperately need a liquor license, but Sea Monster Sushi was alright with me.

Note: No booze = you loose...Customers. Sea Monster Sushi. Gastown, Vancouver. ♬ Die. [audio:Die Monster Die.mp3]

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