Sweet And Tender-loin Hooligan.

Written by Esquire
November 2, 2012


If I ever end up with a disease, I hope it will be The Gout. Anything with a THE in front of the name demands respect. The gout is commonly referred to as the rich mans disease or the disease of kings. Maybe it is just me, but this makes it sound totally awesome. That is why at least once a year I put the gift cards my parents give me each Christmas to good use and dine at the Keg. I drink red wine like it is going out of style, and I order the filet mignon wrapped in bacon.

Fact: Hollandaise sauce is a condiment for a king. Tread carefully, arteries close instantly once you consume this magical sauce.

The Keg. [mp3j track="Sweet And Tender Hooligan - The Smiths@Sweet And Tender Hooligan.mp3"]  

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