Wingy Wingy Wingy, Cant You See. Sometimes Your Wings Just Hypnotize Me.

Written by Esquire

Wings, On Granville St. Just look for the Howard Johnston Hotel.  Wings is fortunate enough to share a bathroom with HoJo's lobby. Very classy. Im not sure how I feel about this establishment. Something tells me it would have more success in Surrey. Surrey or Jersey. Bridge and tunnel folk a plenty. Wings serves a very specific purpose, no more no less.  Go there to watch the game in LD (Low Def) and drink draft. Its loud, and Im unsure if the wings are even any good. I feel filthy each time I have eaten there. But then again, its wings, the armpit of chicken. What am I really expecting?

They make you sign a contract if you order the death wings. I took down a whole plate of those once. Yeah bitch. I sweat so much my actual eyeballs were perspiring. I looked like Patrick Demsey in 1995's Outbreak.  (Thats right, it was indeed Pat Demsey who contracts the virus from the monkey). And how it burned. I had no idea you could get the clap from eating hot wings. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe.

Wings. Vancouver. [audio:hypnotize.mp3]


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