Actual Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not The Musical Ensemble

Written by Esquire

An associate of mine (he does gardening and other sorts) recently decided to grow hot peppers. Lets call him Senior for now. Senior lived beside a Portuguese man for years. After watching his neighbor struggle in the garden with a poor crop, Senior decided to give it a shot. As apprentice's often do, the time had come where he surpassed his master. From a small planter on a roof top balcony in downtown Toronto, Senior was able to produce over 400 peppers his first time around, earning him the name Greene-thumba (an ancient Swahili word meaning "to flourish").  In the crop were Jalapeno, Serrano, and Cayenne peppers. Following strict instruction from Senior's Italian grandmother, we picked them, cut them up, and bottled these bitches in only the finest of olive oil (available exclusively at the local Dominion). I cannot reveal the precise method of preparation as it comes direct from the old country, and I was blindfolded during steps 4 and 5.  Regardless, these beauties are a must on pizza, pasta, anything and everything. It you have the space to grow anything, I advise you give it a try. Sunlight is the key. Senior Greene-thumba, you make good peppers.


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