Short Ribs Like A Melody In My Head That I Can’t Keep Out Got Me Singing Like.

Written by Esquire

The Olympics are here. While the athletes have been competing in International Sporting Events,  I too have been involved in World Class affairs. Eating. The catered parties have been out of hand. Take the Nike Aries Party at the Boardroom for example. Apparently there were all kinds of cool historical snowboard artifacts showcased. I didn't really get a chance to check it out, I was too busy flirting with every dish that would pass me by. Appies rolled into this party in droves of hundreds. They were outstanding. This was easily one of the finest spreads I have ever encountered. Of note were the delicious Taquitos. Finally I can eat this product without feeling ashamed and embarrassed which is how I feel when Im at 7-11, at 3am, alone, eating taquitos. Another stand out was the Mini Rib Bowl. This was very much like the Tim Hortons Chili bread bowl, only bite sized, filled with Short Ribs, and topped with Brie. They looked like little Smurf homes.  I took down so many it wasn't even fair.

Note: Imagine if Gargamel were to one day actually find Smurf Village...surely he would fuck that place up. It would be a massacre. That was pretty much me at this party.  I could eat them everyday, Its like my ipod's stuck on replay.

Culinary Capers. Vancouver, BC. [audio:Replay.mp3]


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