I Am On A 24 Hour, Hot Dog Diet.

Written by Esquire

Spilling while Im eating, I encourage you to try it. They call it the Zen Dog: Hot dog, chili, celery, tomatoes, relish, cream cheese, god knows what else. This is the greatest single dog on the planet at 3am on a Tuesday. The crispy piece of celery completely changes everything. I had seriously not eaten a hot dog in the longest time Ikea doesn't count. Yet on this particular day, I ate two. One at lunchtime, and well, one for my next meal at 3am.  How does that even happen? How bizarre, how bizarre. It was like I hit my head and forgot what I ate that day, only to return to the very same item hours later. Just like a goldfish. Can vodka give you a concussion?

The Dogfather is also known to have world renowned DJ's serving the dogs. Be sure to check out Happy Jack's set at El Furniture Warehouse before heading over for this late night snack. Once at the Dogfather, you may be served by yet again, Happy Jack. He truly is the King of Granville.

The Dogfather. Vancouver. [audio:Money to Blow.mp3]


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