Because Your Sub, Your Sub, Your Sub, Is My Drug.

Written by Esquire

I've walked by Finch's a thousand times and never once thought to step inside. I figured it was a local hang out for artists to discuss art with other artists, over a coffee specifically not from Starbucks. It's all very artsy. This diverse crowd also suggests vegan types frequent this establishment, so I always steered clear. Little did I know Finch's makes amazing sandwiches. I guess the proper word at a tea house would be a baguette. Where Im from, we call them submarines, as they are shaped like Das Boot.  Inside this particular sub was prosciutto, pear, brie, and candied walnuts. Dope as. It was so good  even those who claim they don't eat meat but they sure like the bone would enjoy it. It was very much like crack, all it takes is one hit and your hooked. I considered going back for dinner that very evening. The following day while eating a different sandwich from a different place, all I could think about was the flavor overload that Finch's had earlier provided.

Note: Don't let my haste towards the Art Community confuse you. I merely poke fun because I lack creativity.  Besides, we share the same enemy. Artsy people despise the common man as much as I do. My enemies enemy is my friend?

Finch's. Vancouver, BC. [audio:Your Love Is My Drug.mp3]


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