Only Once The Dogs Are Done. That I Feel Like Dying. I Feel Like Dining.

Written by Esquire

Question: When a foreigner is handed their immigration papers, is there an Ikea catalog included in the "Welcome to Canada" package? The reason I ask,  I've noticed Immigrants tend to flock to Ikea like a bird to seeds. Just so you know, my brown father was technically an immigrant once and I adore all ethnic. Im merely relaying what I observed, specifically in the hot dog section. As I waited in this tremendous multicultural line, I closed my eyes and listened. If I didn't know any better I could swear I was amidst a bizarre in Calcutta. The next time I watch Slum Dog Millionaire and consider booking a trip to India specifically to find that actual girl in the movie, I will eat hotdogs at Ikea instead. Same great experience, one low price.

Note: The dogs are merely a snack, treat them as such. Enjoy only 2 units, no more, no less. How dare they price them at 50 cents each. The unbelievable savings confused my judgement. I made a terrible error. I ate 4. I felt like dying. Of course it was still considered a snack and technically not a whole meal of food so...part of me still felt like dinning.

Ikea. Swedish for common sense. [audio:I Feel Like Dying.mp3]


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  1. brown teena April 9, 2010 10:24 am

    its easy to get greedy there, they have an “as is” section that you probably rifled through right before you feasted on 4 weenies. Dont be ashamed, it happens! pfffffffff….

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