Happiness, Is A Warm Bun.

Written by Esquire

School is a nice little lunch spot in Liberty Village, Toronto. Their menu is very clever. It's printed on loose leaf paper, similar to the sheets used in actual school. Very clever indeed. I dropped into the SBC Burger with yam fries. Although the bun was a little large for the patty, it was nicely toasted and brushed with some of that spicy aioli.  It's hard to find an item without that condiment these days. Word in the yard is they have a decent weekend brunch as well.

After your meal head across the street to Brazen Head for ye old after school special. The Guinness & Strongbow combo is a wonderful way to achieve mid day drunk status. Day drinking is of course very reminiscent of being in high school, although I think the mixture was Growers & OE back then.

Note: In theory, or hypothetically speaking as they say -  If I were to have had a child when I was in the 11th grade day drunk = poor decisions it's conceivable that little barrel of joy would be in high school today. Wow, I'm old as balls.  Wait, did I add that up right? I was never very good at math. If this is even remotely possible then fuck my actual life. Thank god intercourse was non existent in those days.

School. Liberty Village, Toronto. [audio:Happiness is a warm gun.mp3]


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