It Was A Double Decker Club. For Both Of Us. To Dine By Your Side. It’s Such A Heavenly Way To Dine.

Written by Esquire

As fall turns to winter, I find myself listening to the Smith's on a daily basis. It is a sad, sad day. I didn't even eat this sandwich above, I just stared at it for half an hour, and contemplated crying.  Fine, I may have had a bite or two. Either way my appetite is not yet itself. During the summer months I craved only the delicious nectar, vodka be thy name. As fall progressed, my hunger returned at an alarming rate. Yet I recently spent a week in California where I ate this salmon club sandwich and for what ever reason I could only stomach half of this delicious creation by world renowned Chef Pashley. Even my trusty eating counterpart Big Mountain Kevi above could only take down half as well which would barely be enough calories to service one of his thighs. Maybe it was the 42 Vodka sodas we had consumed the evening before that effected our appetite? Maybe it was the shame of eating the whole bag of Totinos pizza rolls at 3am? Who knows...

Note: Now that I have returned to North Mexico Canada, I give it a week before my appetite is back up to speed.  It's time to stock pile pounds, winter is here. I do have a warning for Pashley's delicious Salmon Club Sandwich: "The first time we embraced, I was timid and confused.  I vow the next time the two of us meet, I shall not be as lenient. I will show no mercy. I will have my revenge".

Also of note: The Seaside Market rules. I would shop there everyday for the cougar viewing alone. Produce and babes. A winning combo.

Cardiff Seaside Market. California.

♫ There is a light... [audio:There Is A Light.mp3]


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