In My Mind Im Going To Izakaya. Can’t You See The Sunshine. Can’t You Just Taste The Rice Wine.

Written by Esquire

I drop into extremely over priced, sub par food all the time, but recently it went to far. I paid 17$ for a salad. WTF? Where do these "social lounges" get off charging such prices? Mediocracy has infected Yaletown's restuarants for far too long. But alas, there is hope for Yaletown yet. Hapa Izakaya has recently opened one of their beloved establishments on Hamilton St. Finally, a place where they won't bend you over and do as they will.

Hapa's Chicken salad above is a very reasonable $8.95.  With every crispy bite, you can actually hear yourself getting financially physically thinner. Like most items on the menu, the salad is an ideal dish to be shared. This form of eating initially throws most white people off, as they are not used to sharing food. Fear not, there are so many amazing dishes you will want to try everything. Sharing is of course a multicultural trait, and one not commonly found in Caucasian eating habits. Perhaps this is why places like Earls and Milestones flourish? It's strange because Jesus allegedly shared all the time, and he was white, wasn't he? Yeah right. He probably sounded just like the soft spoken James Taylor too. Either way, Hapa rules. Go there. Don't forget to order the sake. Although once you drop into the rice wine, you are likely to forget everything anyway.

Note: If your one who prefers their own dish,  don't feel singled out. Pioneers never shared their meals either. At least not with the Indians.

Hapa Izakaya. Yaletown, Vancouver. [audio:Carolina In My Mind.mp3]


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