All Day All Day. Domino’s Sampling.

Written by Esquire

Domino's. I always felt that place should be called Dumpino's. No good  had ever come from indulging in their pies. I'm certain they could be used as a laxative. Shit literally went sideways one too many times, and I vowed never to touch the Domino product again. Recently Domino's has been running some interesting commercials. They have admitted their pizza's quality has been lousy in the past. They now claim to have improved their pies. Try us again, they ask. What an interesting way to regain lost market share: admit to everyone including your loyal customers that you have been serving garbage since 1960. I can't believe this approach is actually working. Their sales are up due to this campaign.

Despite my oath, I had to find out if there was any truth behind this outlandish claim. After multiple tests, I must say they have made improvements. The dough is definitely much nicer, and the sauce appears to have been upgraded as well. One more thing, I can attest the pepperoni they use is far less filthy then in previous years.  So yes, well done Domino's. You have moved up the pizza ladder by a few slots, from lousy to mediocre at best. I wouldn't be handing out any awards,  but if I happen to find myself in a snacking jam,  I may hit them up.

Note: In the English language there are officially only two things that can be deemed lousy: #1 -Pizza #2- Blowjobs.

Domino's Pizza. [audio:Domino.mp3]


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