There’s Shredded Pork On These Fries. Living In A Poutine Paradise.

Written by Esquire

Chill Winston probably has the best patio in Gastown, so It's usually  the drinking and people watching that brings me there. One day while feeling rather peckish I stumbled upon this glorious creation: A poutine dish, topped with an aggressive amount of pulled pork. The fries they use have a nice width to them, almost like a tater. Either way a wonderful snack to have when drinking and sun tanning...while watching zombies walk by. That Main and Hastings intersection a ways down certainly acts as a magnet to those daywalkers. What could possibly be at that corner that draws them from all over? It's like Meca for the living dead.

Note: This is the song I listen to anytime I find myself in Gastown past midnight. The eerie synth sound in the beginning of the tune is fitting for these surroundings. Although, every time the lyrics start, an image of Michelle Pfeiffer in a leather jacket pops into my head. Weird.

Chill Winston. Gastown, Vancouver. Gangster's Paradise. [audio:Gangster's Paradise.mp3]


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