We Like To Party. We Like Chicken Karaage.

Written by Esquire

Sometimes I get so hung over it's not even fair. Often soup is my only form of nourishment during these dark times. The other day I tried a Ramen bowl at Ramen Jinya, but I couldn't even stomach that. As I sat in front of the steaming noodles, I noticed the side menu: Chicken Karaage for $3.75. $3.75? You won't? I had to. It's safe to say I am a real sucker for fried chicken. In all honesty I would eat it a lot more if it wasn't so frowned upon. KFC has really given my beloved a bad rep. But there is one race who seems to have no issues with fried chicken, my good friends the Japanese. I adore the Japanese. They don't judge, they simply enjoy. In this case fried foods. The Karaage at Jinya is excellent. It's doused in a delicious garlic dressing. Next time I may not even order the ramen, and just stick with a couple side orders of the Karaage. Can you order two sides without ordering a main dish I wonder?

Note: When I hear this song it reminds me there was in fact a time in my life when I would never get sick from the drink. How I long for those days to return. Come back my sweet Venga Bus. Come back. Ramen Jinya. Vancouver, BC. [mp3j track="We Like To Party.mp3"]  


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