Another Saturday Night And I Ain’t Got Triscoti’s.

Written by Esquire

Montreal Smoked Triscuit

Egg Salad Triscuit

As we all know, Vampires will never grow old, and they will never die. The same could be said about my love for the Triscuit Cracker. Even though I stock pile boxes of these, I have run out on occasion due to over consumption. This is probably because I eat these things with everything. Mark my word, no cracker is as versatile as the Triscuit. No cracker. I hope one day to have a party where only Triscuit's are served. There will be various Choose Your Own Adventure toppings to select from. If it is successful perhaps I will branch out to Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. This is my dream.

Above are a few gems I recently whipped up. My first example is the Smoked Meat Triscuit, a self proclaimed work of art. Second is the Egg Salad Triscuit.  Although equally delicious, it's pretty standard issue. Either way I feel both of these dishes should be considered as cover shots for the next Triscuit box. Perhaps that's my next venture. The guy made a million dollars.

Note: That Nabisco really has it all figured out. Upon further inspection I realized the Triscuit is nothing more then an adult Shreddie. Salted of course, but a Shreddie non the less. Genius.

Another Saturday Night. [audio:Saturday Night.mp3]


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