Sad Songs For Dirty Aprons.

Written by Esquire

Dirty Apron has a nice little deli. Some would call it a secret deli, as they are mainly known for their cooking classes. Actually, If you get the chance you should take one of those too. It's good times, and most importantly they serve wine as you are learning to cook the meal. From the deli, every sandwich I have tried so far has been banging. Take for example this pork Vietnamese sub above.  This sub was dirty. The good kind of dirty of course.

Note: I'm referring to Catholic High School girl dirty as apposed to East Van crack whore dirty. I mention this because both can be found in this area of town. Dirty Apron. Vancouver, BC. ♫ Fashion Coat (Album: Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers) [audio:Fashion Coat.mp3]


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