Pit Bull Taco.

Written by Esquire

If you happen to find yourself wandering in a camp ground in Cardiff  by the actual sea, then please do yourself a favor and hit up Bull Taco. Regrettably this  establishment resembles more of an outhouse then a restaurant, but fear not. Once you take a bite of their delicious version of the ever so famous Cali Burrito, you will soon forget the port-o-potty style of service. Besides, you will be too busy viewing the glorious pacific ocean which is seen from the dinning area. Fucking gorgeous. Burritos in paradise bro.

Note: A long haired Sanduski poses here with the Shrimp Cali Burrito by the sea. Although he does not care for Pitbull's music in the slightest, he has been known to pretend  solely for the affection of babes.  Respect.

Bull Taco. Cardiff. CA. ♫I Know. [audio:I Know You Want.mp3]  


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