16 Clumsy And Shy. I Went To London Pub And Died.

Written by Esquire


London pub is located in what was once was considered the hood of Vancouver. Quite recently this area has cleaned up nicely, but it's not uncommon to see the odd day walker lurking about every now and then.  I quite enjoy places that at first glance appear seedy, but inside are actually clean and safe. Yes I am a poser, but a Hep/Hiv-free poser nonetheless. I have put in shifts at the LP several times now, and my ratio of getting Myrtle Beach drunk compare to remaining sober is a whopping 9:1. For snacks,  the poutine they serve could potentially feed a family of four. If you order this solo, you may as well be entering yourself in an eating challenge. I saw this man above unable to get through just half his bowl. I had no choice but to jump in and finish the rest in his honor. Looking back, I probably should have used a fork.

Note: I like it here can I stay. Do you have a vacancy, for a back scrubber? London Pub, Vancouver. [mp3j track="Half A Person.mp3"]  


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