Hey McRib You So Fine. You So Fine You Blow My Mind.

Written by Esquire

For more then two decades I had sought after this sandwich, yet never had the opportunity to try it. I imagined it to be similar to the  711 BBQ pork sandwich, which is mechanically pressed to look like ribs. I had to find out for myself. It was not until shortly after eating and drinking my face off at a wedding that the McRib and I finally crossed paths. The problem was, I was so full and drunk from the wedding, all I could stomach was one bite. I don't remember much, but my dress shirt sure did. Shit got covered in sauce. I assume it was BBQ? But then again it could have been nugget sauce, or even ketchup from the cheeseburgers? Jesus, come to think of it we ordered a lot more then just the McRib. So that's why I couldn't breathe the next morning. Nice little 4000 calorie eve. Fuck.

Note: This photo is as fuzzy as my only memory of the McRib. Perhaps it's best to leave it that way. Until next year you swine.


McDonalds. ♫ Hey Mickey.    


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