No One On The Corner Has Shawarma Like Us.

Written by Esquire


I recently hit up Falafel Maison, which happens to be just around the corner from me. Their Shawarma plate is delicious, but the thing is after this meal you need to drink a gallon of water to battle the salt intake. Why so salty ? I can only assume Cook Ahmed grew up in a small village near the Dead Sea, and adding this obscene amount of salt is his way of remembering the mother land.

Something else I observed while hanging on the corner: there are some very questionable fashion decisions being made on Robson St. these days. What in god's name are people wearing? Bulky sweaters, sweatpants, white puffy coats with fake fur on them, Lulu Lemon pants,  UGGs... uggh. It's as though the entire city has collectively given up on life and resorted back to their outfits of 2003 just because it's cold out.  This is inexcusable. What a fucking disgrace. Vancouver's general population: Roast.

Note: Can't wear skinny jeans cuz my nuts don't fit. - Jay Z. True dat Jigga Man, true dat.

Falafel Maison. Vancouver. [mp3j track="Swagga Like Us.mp3"]


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