I’ll Explain Everything To The Greeks.

Written by Esquire

I first stumbled across Scoozies many moons ago. In those days my friends and I had a lot of free time on our hands. We didn't exactly have day jobs per say. To break up the week we would often head down to the financial district at lunch hour to scam on business babes. It never worked. I suppose we should have worn suits or something? What we did find was a lovely family run Greek cafe. Some bangers to order at Scoozies are as follows: the meatball dish, the lemon chicken soup, and the Greek salad with chicken above. A nice feature is they serve a piece of grapefruit with every dish. I have always enjoyed the grapefruit. Speaking of which,  a wise man once said to me: Son, when looking for a mate, you're going to want to go ahead and find yourself a grapefruit. They take a little work, but once you get them open you have the goods. A little work? Yeah right. What qualifications does one need to be deemed a Wise Man these days anyway?

Note: I have no idea what in god's name this song is about, but it often stays in my head for months at a time. I sing it exclusively in the shower. The National rules.

Scoozies. Vancouver, BC. [mp3j track="Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.mp3"] The National.  


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