I Was Afraid, I’d Eat Your Mein (Chicken Chow).

Written by Esquire

I have been famished as of late. I'm uncertain as to the exact cause of this new found hunger. It's possible the vigorous amount of snacking throughout the holiday season has stretched my belly. Surely that's the reason..? Regardless, it's no excuse for my recent actions. I went out for dinner at Bao Bei the other eve which was lovely by the way. Great place for drinks, and they have some excellent snacks. However, the dishes were much smaller then anticipated. On the way home from dinner my associate and I were forced to take a pit stop at a certain Scottish Deli for a second dinner. On an average drunken night I would think nothing of this Mc-visit, however I am ashamed to admit we were both completely sober.  Very shameful. We have brought great Mc-shame to our families.

DO go to Bao Bei on a first date. Women in general are terrified of eating in front strangers let alone love interests. This will insure there is plenty of food for you. Order one of everything from the small plates menu.

DONT go here with your girlfriend. The fear of eating in front of others no longer exists with this breed It evaporates around month two of the relationship.  They will show no restraint when the food arrives. This will leave you starving and inevitably force you to make extremely poor diet decisions.

Bao Bei. Vancouver. [mp3j track="Coversation 16 -The National@Conversation 16.mp3"]  


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