We Had Joy. We Had Fun. We Had Pizza In The Sun.

Written by Esquire

It is said that for every shade the skin darkens from the sun, it's the visual equivalent of two pounds shed. The body will have the illusion of looking stronger, thinner, darker, without ever lifting a muscle. It works, trust me. I have spent years using this tactic to appear more desirable.

On a recent escapade I found myself basking in the hot Hawaiian sun, and only assumed my physique would soon have the appearance of a Greek God. I for one am fortunate enough to possess pigment in my genes. These were passed on from my father, and his father before him. They allow me to tan with great speeds. But alas, regrettably no amount of sunshine could combat the calorie intake from the poolside pizzerias. My physique remains in limbo.

Note: How dare they put a Yogurt Land by the beach. I didn't stand a chance. The kid's don't stand a chance.

Hyatt Regency. Maui, HI ♫ Seasons In the Sun.  


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