You Can Find Me In The Club. Sandwich.

Written by Esquire

It was the W hotel. September. Not a cloud in the sky. The sun was blazing. The sweat off my brow reminded me of a time when I thought rap would never die. I ordered a club sandwich, poolside no less. When the snack arrived I couldn't help but notice it was more beautiful then the waitress who brought it to me. With a single glance it was clear this sandwich was off the heels, hard off the heels. It had the basic ingredients of the club sandwich. Turkey breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, etc. However, in this particular sandwich there was something different. First off all, each piece of bread was delicately hand grilled. Inside was a fine layer of avacado, and a fried egg! As I proceeded It felt much like a dream. This was the single greatest sandwich I had ever tasted. Then I got to thinking.... had the 5 Coors Lights I had previously consumed that very morning altered my taste buds to such a degree? Was my judgement compromised? I may never know the answer to those questions. Either way, thank god I took a picture. White people rarely do cool shit like this to their sandwiches.

Note: With a bullet,  #1 on the all time on the sandwich list: The W's Club.

W Hotel. San Diego, CA.

[audio:In Da Club.mp3]


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