I Want To Make Love To This Club. Sandwich.

Written by Esquire

Another hot item from Amsterdam was this Club Sandwich. It hit me right in the aioli.  Garlic aioli in fact. Unfortunately I cannot confirm exact coordinates of where  to obtain this glorious snack. It appears the aggressive amount of brew-ski's consumed that very day has jogged the memory. What I can recollect was this particular restaurant had a red Heineken sign. The problem is every street in Amsterdam has hundreds of Heineken signs, many of them red. Ballsnekia to ever finding that place again.

(Ballsnekia -balls-neck-e-ah - a Dutch word, meaning "balls". )

One spot you will have no problem finding is the Grolsch Bar. Actually, it will find you. No matter how far you walk, and how lost you get, you will most definitely end up back at this bar every time. Its like magic, or a fantasy.  I can imagine Narnia would be very similar to Amsterdam in that regard.

Although the beer at Grolsch is  very cold, regrettably the food is nothing like the club above. In fact, its terrible. Don't eat there, and you will have a splendid time. I repeat, the beer is ice cold.

Grolsch Bar. Amsterdam, Netherlands.



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