Im Going Back To Bali. Bali. Bali.

Written by Esquire

There is a place called Azia right by the movie theatre. They have a wide variety of  food from all over Azia. Wait, Asia? No. Azia. Right. Very clever. The dish they call the Nasi Goreng comes with a fried egg on top. I recall eating this very meal daily whilst on my travels in Indonesia so many moons ago. We also tried the Szechuan Ribs, which were quite nice. On the special menu was a Tuna Sashimi Trio.  3 types of tuna, 3 sauces,  2 dudes. Also worth ordering. Next time I will check to see if they serve Indonesia's most recognizable product,  and finest Pilsner: Bintang. They must, their menu is huge. I could eat here for weeks and still not try everything. Impressive. I am impressed, but to be honest I would rather go back to Bali.

Azia. Vancouver, BC.



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